POSSIBILITIES OF A STUDENT LIFE (17.12.2009 - 31.01. 2010)

POSSIBILITIES OF A STUDENT LIFE   (17.12.2009 - 31.01. 2010)
Datum konání: 
Thu, 2009-12-17 - Sun, 2010-01-31
Opening on Thursday 17.12.2009

Exhibition runs till 31.01.2010

curated by Václav Magid, Vasil Artamonov and Tomáš Uhnák(CZ), in cooperation with The Council of Higher Education Institutions of the Czech Republic.

A project by Václav Magid, Czech young artist and curator, concerning the student’s identity and its history. It is held in occasion of 20th anniversary of Velvet Revolution in Czech Republic.

Who is a student? Why and what for are we studying? What is the status of students in our society? Who creates the image of students? What was the influence of student movements in the past and what influence can it have today?

These are some of the topics of a multimedia project initiated on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the International Students´ Day. The exhibition reflects the problematics of students and student movements.


Thanks to the National Film Archive in Prague and to the Archive of Charles University in Prague



interview with two of three authors of the exhibition, Tomáš Uhnák and Václav Magid - Radio Wave (online, in Czech version only)

























































photo © Jiří Thýn