Work: Pavel Büchler – The Sins of Youth ( 17.12. 2011 5 p.m.)

Work: Pavel Büchler – The Sins of Youth  ( 17.12. 2011  5 p.m.)

Pavel Büchler – The Sins of Youth

An open discussion as part of Barbora Klímová’s programme

Saturday 17.12. 2011

5 p.m.


Pavel Büchler belongs to the generation inspired in the mid 1970s by the unique (mis)understanding of conceptual art that made its way into the Czech lands in the form of foreign magazines and publications.

For Büchler and many of his contemporaries, becoming acquainted with new forms of dematerialised art opened the chance to work outside the official sphere, on the periphery of the development of art in then Czechoslovakia. His early activities, restricted to a small group of friends, were an expression of their place, time and situation.

Now, over thirty years later, Büchler returns to them in order to retrace their original conceptual sources from fragments of documentation.


Pavel Büchler was born in Prague in 1952. He studied at the Secondary Graphic Arts School and at the Academy of Applied Arts, Architecture and Design.
In 1981, he emigrated to England where he co-founded and ran the Cambridge Darkroom (1984-87) gallery. He headed the Department of Fine Arts at the Glasgow School of Art (1992-96) and since 1997 has held the post of professor at the Manchester Metropolitan University.
In addition to his own artistic endeavours, for which he received the Northern Art Prize in 2009, he also focuses on theory and criticism in the areas of contemporary art, photography, film and teaching.

This event will be held in Czech and in English.