MULTIKINO (9.12.2008-8.2.2009)

MULTIKINO (9.12.2008-8.2.2009)
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Tue, 2008-12-09 - Sun, 2009-02-08

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Exhibition runs till 8.2.2009

Christmas opening hours: closed Wed-Fri 24.-26.12.08´ and Thu 1.1.09´


The exhibition is a part of the Cinepur CHOICE festival. It draws attention to how artists work with motion pictures and also what happens to a film when it is screened in a gallery.

Special emphasis is placed on the film’s language and its limits. The various artists examine the area at the festival – an area we could call the ontology of a motion picture. They test the ways by which film or video records movement, time or the form of things. Of particular interest to them is an analysis of the conventions of cinematography, paradoxes of feature film or the economic substance of the film industry.

Multikino will take the form of a two-month exhibition at tranzitdisplay where it will feature individual and mixed screenings (film screenings, video projections, television monitor, display) in specially designed spaces. Some of the artists involved in the exhibition will be presented for a short time in Brno and Olomouc in the form of a giant-screen single-channel projection.


tranzitdisplay, 9.12. 2008 - 8.2.2009


Moravská galerie v Brně, 24.11. - 7.12.2008

Konvikt, 3.-5.12.2008




Samuel Beckett








Samuel Beckett: Film

(courtesy Evergreen Review, Inc.)


Gebhardt & Fries






Stephen E. Gebhardt and Robert Fries: Legendary Epic Yarns and Fables


Barbara Visser







Barbara Visser: Lecture on Lecture with Actress

(courtesy Anett Gelink Gallery)









Oskar Dawicki: Budget Story

(courtesy the artist and Raster Gallery)


Manon de Boer








Manon de Boer: Presto-Perfect Sound

(courtesy Jan Mot Gallery)


Nam June Paik










Nam June Paik: Zen for Film

(courtesy Nam June Paik heirs)













Multikino - S. Beckett (photo Jiří Thýn)












Multikino - Manon de Boer (photo Jiří Thýn)












Multikino - Ryszard Wasko (photo Jiří Thýn)