Tranzit series

The program of editions (“tranzit series”) is being developed in connection with the activities that tranzit initiates and implements, and reflects tranzit’s polycentric structure and autonomy. It focuses on the geographical space of Central and former Eastern Europe with an emphasis on the revolutionary transformation of artistic practice that occurred during the 1960s and 70s. The program pursues three dramaturgical lines:
a) the navigation series presents translations of, as well as original, previously unpublished texts in Czech. The aim is to initiate debate, and inspire and stimulate specific critical views and methodologies that are absent in the Czech environment due to the local cultural traditions, cultural-political program and current affiliations.

b) in the art publications edition, two tasks overlap – to provide access to documentation of the artistic practice of contemporary artists in the region as well as approaching the need for experimentation and innovation of the medium of “traditional” printed publications as two- or three-dimensional objects. Furthermore, the edition also presents previously unpublished profiles of the key figures of 1960s – 1990s conceptual and performance art, primarily from the perspective of the artists, but also that of theorists of the younger generation. The books are published in both Czech and English (or in bilingual versions).

c) the anthologies/catalogs edition reflects the long-term efforts of tranzit to generate deep experience in the local artistic and intellectual biotopes in relation to continuity, re-assessment of recent history and challenging the canons, geographies and master narratives of postwar European (art) histories. This edition series is a result of historical research and debate and collaboration between theorists and artists of various generations. The books are published in the local language and in English (or in bilingual versions).

Since 2006, has collaborated with the international publisher JRP-Ringier, which has a distinctive contemporary art profile ( and the distribution company Kosmas ( The publications may be ordered direct from the distributors.