6.2. 19:00 Jesper Alvaer in Conversation with Anne Szefer Karlsen

6.2. 19:00 Jesper Alvaer in Conversation with Anne Szefer Karlsen
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Thu, 2014-02-06

Anne Szefer Karlsen is a curator and writer, and currently Director (2008-2014) of Hordaland Art Centre (Bergen, Norway). Szefer Karlsen was curator for Lofoten International Art Festival - LIAF 2013 (with Bassam El Baroni and Eva González-Sancho) and Associate Curator for Research and Encounters, Biennale Benin 2012 (Artistic Director: Abdellah Karroum, Associate Curators: Didier Houenoude, Olivier Marboeuf and Claire Tancons).

During the last ten years she has co-founded structures like Flaggfabrikken - Centre for Photography and Contemporary Art (2002-2008) and Ctrl+Z Publishing together with Arne Skaug Olsen (2006 -) where she still acts as an editor. She edited the third anthology in Open Edition's Occasional Table-series titled Self-Organised together with Stine Hebert (following Curating Subjects, ed. Paul O’Neill and Curating and the Educational Turn, ed. Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson). For Performa 13 she created the project The Transmitter Show – Words At a Distance together with Aaron Schuster; ten radio plays formatted as a book of scripts and recording for radio.

In addition to series of exhibitions and seminars for the Art Centre as well as further developing its residency programme, she has curated exhibitions for other art spaces, such as Bergen Art Museum, L’appartement 22 and Oslo Fine Art Society. Her interests are in collaborations with artists and curators as well as developing the language that surrounds art productions of today, linguistically, spatially and structurally.

www.szefer.net, www.kunstsenter.no

Jesper Alvær (b. 1973) received his artistic training in Prague, New York, and Kitakyushu (Japan). During 2013–16 he is a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Art (part of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts), with the project Work, Work, which thematizes working and economic conditions related to the production of art and the contemporary art scene. In addition to showing his art at a number of international exhibitions, Alvær has also participated in numerous study, residence, and research programmes both in Norway and abroad. His most recent exhibitions include Mother,Dear Mother at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo; Arbeidstid/Work Time, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, 2013 as well as several exhibitions held in collaboration with Isabela Grosseova: Activum (Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, 2013), Eventos Paralelos, Manifesta 8, Murcia, 2010/11, and an exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, 2007.

http://www.reprezentacenaroda.cz, http://isbn80-7027-148-5.cz, http://figureandground.eu